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Advisory Board experts

Forever Living  Advisory Board Experts 

The advisory board experts are at hand to give their expert advice and share their in-depth product knowledge.


Advisory board experts - Dr Peter AthertonDr Peter Atherton
Peter has gained a great understanding of the power of herbal remedies whilst serving in the Far East and India, and has published three books on the subject of aloe vera. He studied the medical effects of aloe vera as a Research Fellow at Oxford University.


Advisory board experts - David UrchDavid Urch
BSc MA VetMB Dip Herb Med MRCVS
A member of The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons,David has used aloe vera preparations in his practice since 1996, after taking an interest in complementary medicine. He has also written a book regarding aloe vera for pets (aloe pet treatment)titled Aloe Vera – Nature’s Gift: AloeVera in Veterinary Practice.



Advisory board experts - Dorne ParkerDorne Parker
Dorne always knew beauty came from within and it was in 1985 that she started her nutritional research and achieved her Nutrition ITEC qualification. As well as hosting UK trainings, she has been invited to lecture in many countries throughout the world.



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