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Beauty Aloe cosmetics

Flawless Beauty Aloe Cosmetics for all skin tones

When it comes to beauty, Forever doesn’t take it lightly… as a matter of fact; beauty is more than just skin deep! Forever provides a flawless beauty aloe cosmetics range, called “The Sonya colour collection”, which is the only aloe vera-based cosmetics line in the world that delivers skin care and flawless beauty aloe makeup in one. The unique combination of natural ingredients such as, pure aloe vera, antioxidant vitamins, marine extracts and chamomile, can help protect sooth and nourish the skin.

The uniqueness of Sonya flawless beauty aloe cosmetics, with its natural ingredients and rich colours, allows it to blend easily into every skin tone and mood, taking your look from day to night.

Take the guess-work out of looking beautiful and discover how to express your individual inner beauty like many women around the world with Sonya flawless beauty aloe collection.

Flawless aloe cosmetics why you’ll love them


Our flawless beauty aloe cosmetics range comes in nine best-selling shades, with a new and inspiring innovative formula based on aloe vera and orchid extract. This new formula enables the shades to transform from a luxurious creamy texture to a silky powder, leaving your skin soft with a healthy and natural glow. The aloe vera and orchid extract work together well to create the perfect texture that blends easily into the skin to leaving a velvety, silky and flawless finish

Products and description

Brilliant Blush.



Our brilliant blushes come in six shades to complement every skin tone. These flawless beauty aloe cosmetics powder delivers the perfect colour to help you highlight, contour and define your cheeks, leaving a healthy and natural beautiful glow.




 Concealer Duet.

flawless beauty aloe - Concealer duet


Our flawless beauty aloe concealer duet comes in three main shades. Light, Medium and dark. These three beautifully paired, easy to use double ended pencils, allows you to blend the soft creamy texture and silky matte colours into the skin to conceal those imperfections for a perfect finish. This innovative design works with the entire flawless beauty aloe cosmetics collection by Sonya. 



Cream to Powder Foundation. 

Flawless beauty aloe cosmetics


Orchid extract is the ideal natural ingredient to add to our Cream to Powder Foundation. This works well with aloe vera to create the perfect texture that blends easily into the skin leaving a flawless, velvety and silky finish.




Classic Black Eye Liner

Flawless beauty aloe cosmetics


Our beautifully created classic black eye liner in the flawless beauty aloe range is designed to line and define your eyes. It’s the perfect defining pencil for enhancing and bringing out the beauty of your eyes.





Defining Lip Pencil.

Flawless beauty aloe cosmetics


Our Defining Lip Pencils are available in three colour-coordinated shades. They are perfectly designed with our aloe vera infused formula to make the velvety, sliky flawless finish stand out. They complement and blend perfectly with our Delicious flawless beauty aloe Lipstick Collection and our Luscious Lips.




 Luscious Lip Colours.

flawless beauty aloe cosmetics

Radiate the brilliance of your lips with our flawless beauty aloe Luscious Lip Colours. These luxurious, nourishing glosses are infused with our very own aloe vera, which are great for attracting light and creating that sensational smile. One brilliant feature of these products is that the wands lights up, to give you excellent coverage in any light conditions. They also come with a built-in mirror for the perfect application.





 Delicious Lips.

beauty aloe cosmetics -delecious lips



Inspired by and infused with our very own aloe vera, these exclusive, new and innovative flawless beauty aloe cosmetics Delicious Lipstick creates the perfect veil of colour for rich, luxurious and deliciously looking lips. There are twelve new shades, from sheer to dramatic. They are delicately flavoured with delicious vanilla and will leave your lips delightful. 




Delicate Finishing Powder.

Flawless beauty aloe cosmetics


Our flawless beauty aloe cosmetics delicate finishing Powder sets, perfects your makeup. It also helps to control unwanted shine, while creating a smooth, natural, finish. Available in two perfect shades: Light-Medium and Dark. Sonya  aloe beauty delicate finishing powder is versatile – wear it alone or lightly layer over Cream to Powder Foundation.



 Volumizing Mascara.

Flawless beauty aloe cosmetics

The Flawless Beauty Aloe Range includes Our Luxurious maximising Mascara with its Natural looking finish, that leaves your lashes accentuated with a high sheen that gives them volume and length, whilst nourishing them with the natural conditioning ingredients. You will simply love the definition given to each of your lashes and the Glamorous effect it will give your eyes making them and you stand out from the crowd.




Master Brush Collection.

Flawless beauty aloe cosmetics



Embrace your artistic inspirations with this versatile 10-piece brush collection to easily create that flawless beauty.Our flawless beauty aloe cosmetics master brush collection includes : Powder brush,  foundation flush, concealer brush, lip brush, eye liner brush, crease brush, eye shadow brush, smudge brush and brow brush/combo.


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